Chimney Lining in PatchogueChimney Lining in Patchogue, NY Choosing a roofing and chimney company can be daunting. There are a lot of companies out there who claim to offer the best services at the best prices. It can be hard to know which company is right for you. These are some reasons why K and K Chimneys and Roofing should be your first choice when you need chimney lining in Patchogue.

Is It Time To Call A Professional Chimney Lining?

At K & K Chimneys and Roofing, we believe that our services should be affordable.

We know that chimney lining is not just an extra expense but a necessity. Everyone should have access to this service regardless of their budget. This is why we have many affordable payment options available.

Quality Products

We use only the best quality products for all our work, including chimney lining in Patchogue.

Our experts have years of experience with all types of roofs, so they know exactly what will work best for your needs and budget. You can rest assured that no matter what kind of materials we use on your home or business property, they will last through any storm or weather condition, thanks to our high-quality products!

Excellent Service

At K and K Chimneys and Roofing, we believe in providing the best customer service in all our dealings with our customers.

We know that chimney lining is a crucial procedure for your home, and we work hard to make sure that we provide you with the best information to make an informed decision about your roofing needs.

We’re local

We live in Patchogue to take care of your job right here in our area. We know what it’s like to live there because we’ve been here all along. You can trust us with your home because we understand how important it is that you have a safe, secure space in your own home-one where you feel comfortable knowing that the chimney has been appropriately lined by an expert who takes pride in their work.

Experienced Team

Over 20 years of experience, K and K Chimneys and Roofing only hire experienced professionals skilled at installing and repairing chimneys, gutters and roofs.

The team at K & K will work together to make sure that your project goes as smoothly as possible and that the work is completed on time. The technicians at K & K are also willing to answer your questions so that you can enjoy peace of mind while they are working on your property.

Quality Customer Service

K and K Chimneys and Roofing understand that having a stranger working in your home or on your business property can be very stressful. The team at this trusted Long Island-based company strives to provide quality customer service. The friendly staff will answer any questions you may have about the project and keep you informed.

We offer free estimates.

You don’t have anything to lose when it comes to getting an estimate from us because it’s free! Our team will come out and inspect your chimney, give you an honest assessment of what needs to be done, and provide you with an estimate for the services.

Get Contractors You Can Trust – K&K Chimney Company in Patchogue

Here at K and K Chimneys and Roofing, we pride ourselves on exceptional service. Our company name is synonymous with quality and excellence, and it’s a good indication of our passion for offering services in the area. From chimney repairs and safety inspections to a good old chimney sweep – we can handle it all. Give us a call at (631) 457-0092 today to get a free estimate!

Specializing In chimney cleaning, lining & repairs. Please checkout our BBB page to learn more about K&K Chimneys & Roofing services.

K&K Financing Options

Financing Options

See your personalized monthly payment options within minutes and without affecting your credit score. No prepayment penalties. No home equity required.

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  • Loan amounts up to $100,000
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