Chimney Cleaning

Cleaning Your Chimney

You should clean your chimney at least once a year to prevent build up of creosote & soot. This material is built up over time from continual use without any maintenance. 
  • Prevents fires
  • Removes dust, dirt, & debris
    from home
  • Identify any damages
    (if there are any)
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K & K Chimneys - Cleaning

Chimney Linings

K & K Chimneys - Lining

Chimney Liners

Chimney liners cover the inside of the flue, the area inside your chimney that directs smoke and gases from your fireplace or fuel burning appliance, and vents them safely outside your home.
The chimney liner will protect your home from fire by-products & improve your home’s energy efficiency.
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    Chimney Repairs

    Prevent Further Damage

    Over time, the chimney’s brick work can erode and crack away. This can result in water leaks, down drafts, and other safety issues. In order for the chimney to work safely, it must be in the best condition possible.
    Having your chimney repaired will prevent safety issues & damage to your house.
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    K & K Chimneys - Repairs
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